​Easy Whisk Liquid Egg Products

Easy Whisk


Benefits of Easy Whisk Organic & Cage Free Liquid Eggs

  • Saves you time and money with no thawing or cracking. Easy Whisk Cage Free Liquid Eggs are always ready to use. Simply open and pour!
  • Pasteurized for a longer shelf life and homogenized for perfect consistency.
  • Easy Whisk Organic Liquid Eggs are available in a 20lb "bag-in-a-box" and our Cage-Free Liquid Eggs are available in a 30lb "bag-in-a-box" which provides the most sanitary packaging for pasteurized liquid eggs, because of the completely sterile filling environment.
  •  Increases storage space in your cooler.
  • Use in all applications: Omelets, Scrambled, French Toast, Quiches, Baking, Pasta, Dressings, Sauces, & More!

Liquid Egg Conversions

​​One cup ( 8oz. ) liquid eggs = 5 large eggs
One pound liquid eggs = 10 large eggs
30 pounds liquid eggs = 3.75 gallons liquid eggs

***Easy Whisk Cage Free Liquid Egg is a real egg product, NOT an egg substitute***