Duck Eggs



Farmer Jon's ducks ARE Lucky Ducks. They can run, socialize and stand tall proudly. They lay their eggs in private nests. Their diet is a 100% vegetable diet that is free from antibiotics, hormones and harmful pesticides. We pride ourselves in producing the freshest, best tasting duck eggs in the West! If you like duck eggs, you'll love farmer Jon's Duck Eggs. You'll taste the difference when you cook them up for a hearty breakfast.

How do duck eggs differ from chicken eggs?

  • Duck eggs are typically larger.
  • Duck egg shells are thicker
  • Duck Eggs have larger yolks and have a richer, heartier taste.
  • Fried Duck eggs have a firmer texture.
  • When baking with duck eggs, you may find that they whip up higher and create loftier cakes.  This is due to the high level of protein in the egg whites