In The Beginning...

Family Farm Since 1953


In 1949, Jan and Zelma Stiebrs immigrated to the United States from Latvia with their two small children, Anita and Jon. It was summer and their first job in this country was picking strawberries and beans in the Tumwater Valley. 
All the while they worked, they were dreaming of owning their own business. In 1953, with a big dream and 100 hens, they started selling eggs.  Jon and his dad sold their farm fresh eggs door to door to neighbors and friends. They began calling on business in Tacoma, Washington and soon had enough business to keep the family going.  

In 1978, Jan and Zelma retired.

Jon & Dianna Stiebrs along with their children continued to run and grow the family business.

Today Stiebrs Farms is still family owned and operated and is a third generation egg farm.  

Its been over 65 years since we sold our first dozen eggs and we continue to pride ourselves as being one of Washington's Premier Cage Free & Organic Egg Producers.  

Providing Local, Quality, Farm Fresh Eggs and Egg Products

throughout the Northwest.  

It has always been important to us to provide only the freshest, highest quality eggs to our customers. So, if you see Stiebrs anywhere on the label or carton of any eggs, you know you are getting only the freshest and the best.

Thank you for buying our eggs!


Known as the Egg People for over 65 years, we know that happy hens produce healthy eggs. Caring for, and always honoring them with the upmost respect we know that what we do wouldn’t be possible without their hard work.


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